Consulting CAF UG (haftungsbeschränkt) company is a specialized:

  • In the actual establishment of a business,
  • In the search for concrete partner (s) for the execution of a business plan,
  • In the monitoring and especially the realization of a project,
  • In the digitalization consulting of an existing structure (advice on integration of online payment system, design and creation of website ...).

It should be noted that we do not do project studies and partner research for the new acitivity. We help you to develop or restructure an already existing business.

A company is a project that is implemented through the combination of financial, material and human hubs. However, a business vision remains a fictional perspective that must be realized by finding all the necessary resources.

To do this, we intervene on several levels:
  • Proposition of credible and relevant partner, after verification of reliability and solvency
  • Sourcing (looking for a partner in our network interested in a specific business) for existing business
  • Providing our existing business network through one of our digital solutions
  • Management and administration of international business (international business development)
  • Management assistance (handling of external management procedures related to negotiation and corporate strategy)
    Managing Director : Christian Abel Fleurisson
      Mr. Christian Abel Fleurisson has more than 15 years of experience in management, marketing, business strategy development, and international cooperation. He has advised many company directors (example of Technic 2000, websight, SOTEM, and Atlantide Group) in the administrative and financial management in Africa (specifically in Côte d'Ivoire).
      He was able to specialize in economic, social and cultural human rights (international cooperation / UN system) with the Henry Dunant Summer University in Geneva (Switzerland), a specialization in international management and marketing with the Geneva Graduate School of Business and the Business School of Lausanne (Switzerland).
      Before joining Consulting CAF, he was able to develop his expertise and skills in the fields of digitalization, digital marketing, and business management, carrying out work and internships with many companies and institutions in Europe. The international NGO OIDEL (Geneva - Berlin) allowed him to develop his practical knowledge in international cooperation through high-level meetings within the United Nations, before an internship in the division of the council of the rights of the Human Rights and Treaty Bodies of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Geneva - Switzerland). His work with G. Hominal Sarl (Geneva - Switzerland) was useful to validate a thesis on the various works of expansion of water cleaning activity in the canton of Vaud and the neighboring France. Subsequently, he worked on polling techniques with USUMA GmbH (Berlin - Germany), website content publishing as part of digital marketing with Homify GmbH (Berlin), and the academic and organizational study of seminars and conferences for the public sector with the European Academy of Taxes and Rights (Berlin - Germany), to develop strategic business development techniques internationally (PPP ).
    He holds an MBA (specialization in international management and marketing) from the Business School of Lausanne (Switzerland), a Higher Diploma of Specialist in Business Management (DESS) from the Higher School of Management of Geneva (Switzerland), after having obtained a Higher Technician Certificate (BTS) in Finance and Accounting from the Business School Pigier (Ivory Coast).

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